Why use Remote Data Backups?


The bottom line is you get more for what you pay for with a Managed Service. Using a Managed Service backup provider  means  you are  not on your own.  Our job is to provide personalized support and assistance with  all aspects of your  data  backup plan whatever the  scenario may be, whenever you need help.  We can assist with set-up if needed. We  provide  maintenance and recovery  of data, even remoting into your computer  to help you if you are at a loss.  This is  provided  for the same price as other backup providers which may not offer 24/7 support, enterprise products and  vaults, or  remote-in capability like we do. Our clients range from individual end users, to Network Administrators, CTO’s & small business owners. We help everyone.  All you need  to do is call for help and we will help you.

 For nearly 20 years Remote Data Backups has recovered and protected clients’ data. Our mission is  to provide clients with high performance software,  email alerts, consultation and data management with round-the-clock reliable recoveries no matter  what the scenario. We love to save the day. To  achieve this, our backup & recovery suite offers mirrored data vaults,  enterprise-level protection for  businesses & individuals alike, & automated alerts  of no backups. We believe in customer service excellence. Personal support is available 24/7 and free  no matter how complex the issue. We deploy free  remote-in technology to complete the restore for clients when needed. We know many customers and  partners by name as well as their unique IT  deployments. We live and breathe technology and are constantly looking for new threats & data terrorism  outlets that compromise the security of your  data. Our goal is to ensure  that our clients feel comfortable with their chosen data protection plan so they can rest eay. We  advise on software &  hardware strategy  deployments daily. We encourage guided test restores from old and new clients alike that put our protection to  the test. Most  importantly we are here  when you need us!

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is real. It happens daily and is very easy for even the most tech savvy users to fall victim to.  Data terrorists are very clever and often will use emails which look like they are sent by a friend or very well known business for you to click on. Once the virus has infected your system, your data is held for ransom. If payment isn’t met within a certain time-frame, your data is forever inaccessible. Data terrorism is on the rise and removing ransomware can be difficult. Remote Data Backups protects clients from ransomware by storing your data offsite in secure mirrored vaults with multiple versions available for complete recovery. Recover your data from a data terrorist attack using Remote Data Backups product suite.


All Remote Data Backup suite products include secure mirrored data vaulting, enterprise-level products, free 24/7 tech support, remote-in tech support, choice of continuous or once a night backups, 30 day trials, automated billing, automated alerts of no backup, Outlook & Exchange backups, multiple PC, server or VM management from one login, private passwords, free guided test restores, personalized backup & employee control settings, encryption virus & ransomeware data recovery, remote-in dashboards, legal hold capability, bank level encryption, 30 day, 90 day or “your choice” retention periods, and lightning fast recovery speeds. Checkout our products features for more information on SQL backups, bare-metal restores, archiving, system state recoveries, multi-server backup, hybrid, NAS devices, 3 device backups, and VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V backup. 

Why an enterprise backup is a must have

Any IT tech can tell you that even the most advertised backups may fail when recovery time comes. We have witnessed this first-hand for 20 years.  We believe in affordable enterprise level products that work when they are needed for both  individuals and businesses. The bottom line is that  enterprise products recover. Because we are serious about  data protection, only enterprise level products are offered by Remote Data Backups.  Enterprise products are often characterized by stricter vault standards, faster recovery speeds, heightened security, better recovery reliability, increased compliance standards,  and greater control options for both employee security and personalization. Remote Data Backups offers affordable protection for your most valuable asset: your data. Many home version backups on the market are less than $60 a year, and some backups are even free. However, just because a backup vendor advertises that they can get your data back doesn’t mean they actually can.  Protecting your data is critical to us, and therefore we only offer enterprise level affordable products that work when you need them.

Mirrored Data Vaults

Why use offsite mirrored data vaulting? Data stored offsite cannot be changed or manipulated until after recovery time. A secure offsite mirrored data vaulting approach is the best way to protect your data in general & especially from Ransomware attacks. If one vault is compromised, a second redundant vault keeps your data safe. Remote Data Backups chooses PCI DSS IS0 27001 compliant vaults. Our server backups use dual Iron Mountain vaults. These are geographically separated and underground. Armed guards patrol the data center caves 24/7. Our PC backup uses dual geographically separated Hewlett-Packard Enterprise vaults. Our Virtual Machine backup uses dual geographically separated SOC 1, 2, tier II & 3 compliant vaults. 

Why use a Managed Service?

24/7 support comes in handy. A data loss is never convenient. We believe in customer service excellence.  That’s why our US-based phone techs are available 24/7 when you need us. For nearly 20 years we have guided our clients to safety. When needed, our techs will even remote into your computer with you to diagnose and fix the problem for zero extra fees. Remote Data Backups does not use tiered fees or charge for complex tickets. We employ a straightforward strategy, taking the time needed to help all of our clients whatever the scenario may be. 24/7 free expert US tech service is just a phone call away.  We like holding hands, and will hold your hand throughout the process to resolve any issues.