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Backup & recover with our Connected  Backup platform. Your data is stored in geographically separated dual Iron Mountain data centers keeping your data safe from natural disasters. This affordably priced enterprise PC backup has protected clients for over 20 years. Connected Backup protects against ransomeware attacks as well. One administrator login can manage thousands of PC’s. Receive email alerts of no backups. Customize this backup to meet the demands of your unique IT environment.  See below for more great features.

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Choose your operating system. “Open” the zip file and click on the icon to “download the agent” 

Get protected right away. A payment link will be sent to your login email address at the end of 30 days. The trial will automatically end if you choose not to submit payment.  The trial is risk free and no credit card is needed to setup your account. 


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Once A Night Backups

Photo, Music & Files

Backup & recover photos, movies & music in addition to office files.

Personalized Support

24/7 free expert US tech service is just a phone call away.

Remote-in Tech Assistance

When needed, our techs can remote into your computer with you to diagnose and fix the problem for zero extra fees.

No Backup Alerts

Immediate alerts of missed or incomplete backups.

Manage 1 to 10,000 PC's With One Login

Streamline your workload with powerful management software tools that control multiple users’ data from a single pane of glass.

Personalized Company Backup Settings For Your Infrastructure

Setup unique policies based the unique data needs of your company.

Data Vaults

Secure PCI DSS compliant Iron Mountain mirrored data vaults keep your data safe.


Lightning fast recoveries. Recover your data as fast as your own internet speed permits. You’ll find no bottleneck data jams to slow down your recovery.

30 days of restoreable past versions

Incremental Backups

Open file backup uses delta block versioning especially helpful for Outlook files.



256-bit AES bank level encryption.


Industry Compliance

HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, financial, legal, state & municipal gov’t compliant.


Free Test Restores

Hoping your backup recovers when needed is not a game plan. Remote Data Backups encourages scheduled test recoveries. Administer on your own or call us for help.

Outlook File Backup

Incremental backups are perfect for Outlook. If the Outlook backup is interrupted you will not need to start over. This is because of our delta block technology. Recover all of your Outlook files.


Backup & recover data from your PC or Mac.

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