How do I backup my NAS device?

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. They are convenient storage devices. NAS devices are also vulnerable to ransomware, just like any other hardware on the network. NAS devices can be deployed like an external hard drive or can be deployed like a mini-server that is plugged into the network. AND because it is connected to the same network, this is the reason it is still susceptible to ransomware.

I talk about ransomware in nearly every post. It’s too easy to catch and even the most sophisticated anti-virus programs miss it. I would be willing to bet ransomware is sitting in an unopened email in your box right now.

So, just like an external hard drive or any other type of onsite hardware, NAS devices also can be the victim of theft, fire, flood, dropping and breaking, spilled coffee or employee sabotage… You need to back it up offsite somewhere. You probably already know this. In my last blog we talked about how to choose an offsite backup provider you can trust to actually recover your data. (It’s at the end of that post).

How NAS device backups work

A NAS device typically doesn’t have a Windows operating system, but rather a propriatary one. What does this mean for offsite backups? This means that the majority of backup software won’t work directly on a NAS device. Instead the backup software instead needs to run on another machine on the network or any computer and then connects to the NAS device in this round about way. That’s totally normal and actually works very well. My company, Remote Data Backups provides backups for end-users, municipal and SMB clients heavily dependant on their NAS devices and our software works great with excellent recovery speeds.

This pretty much the only way offsite backups are engineered to work on NAS device. Perhaps there may be some software that runs on Linux that could backup a NAS, but I’m not aware of it.

To backup your NAS you can run our LiveVault backup software on any computer on the same network. Then LiveVault will grab the NAS device data and back it up offsite it up to the vaults at the dual Iron Mountain data centers.

Remotedatabackups.com is the only LiveVault distributer with an actual full hand free automated trial. You won’t be charged. At the end of the 30 day trial then you can fill out payment link to continue the service. So go ahead, and try it out. See how it works. We are here with free support 24/7-even on Christmas (Yes, we actually get tech calls on Christmas).

LiveVault is actually file-based backup done on a delta block level. Good stuff, I know. And that delta block technology keeps the price down. LiveVault is enterprise software for SMB. It’s very fast and very reliable with automated alerts if there was no backup. We have been working with this software for over a decade and we love it because it makes our lives in tech support easy. It actually works. Don’t be fooled. Even some of the most advertised backups fail when recovery time comes. That why we don’t sell it to our clients. We don’t want the headache or the mess. We like happy clients. Get that NAS backed up today.

Have a happy holiday, and as always, stay safe.

Dan Dugal, CEO of Remote Data Backups