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Zoho Subscriptions

Remote Data Backups uses Zoho Subscriptions reoccurring billing & subscription management software to manage our reoccurring set-rate monthly & annual payments. We bill our Connected backup platform using for the merchant services payment gateway using the Zoho interface.

Zoho’s fully automated subscription management software runs your reoccurring invoices every month with real-time email updates of your payments received or payments that fail . Zoho Subscriptions also manages your customers transactions with merchant services. Pair Zoho Subscriptions with Zoho Books for a complete set-rate and variable reoccurring payment system. Zoho is PCI compliant. Consider Zoho Subscriptions as an alternative to QuickBook which requires users to do these tasks manually. Zoho Subscriptions also offers a customer payment portal for clients to view payment history and update their own credit cards.

Other features:

  • Payment failure notification and automated reoccurring reprocessing of payment fails
  • Choose your own payment gateways
  • Customers can update their own credit cards in portal
  • PCI compliant hosted pages
  • Customizable online or offline payment portal
  • One off billing invoicing
  • Automated reoccurring invoicing with one off billing available
  • REST API/Webhooks helps developers to work with your website or app
  • Choose you payment gateway: paypal, stripe,, worldpay, wepay, 2checkout, stripe, forte
  • Subscription metrics reporting tools using MRR, ARPU and LTV 
  • Refunds, coupons, group discounts
  • Test functions for your app before activating

Contact Remote Data Backups to learn more about using Zoho at 1-866-722-2587.