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Zoho Docs

Remote Data Backups uses Zoho Docs file sharing & storage to centralize all support documents. This helps our technicians wherever they may be supporting clients. The ability to access our documents anyplace anytime and collaborate documents online is priceless, and without Microsoft’s high price.

Replace your Microsoft Office subscription with Zoho Docs for a fraction of the cost. Zoho Docs will allow you to centralize all of your corporate documents to allow for easy collaboration between individuals and groups.

Other features:

  • Collaborate with options to showcase current documents being created by author
  • Publish to HTML or wordpress directly
  • Create documents, presentations and spreadsheets securely
  • Organize files by author, team, project or file type
  • Search for files online or without internet connection
  • Build presentations to easily disperse online

Contact Remote Data Backups to learn more about using Zoho at 1-866-722-2587.