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Zoho Assist

Remote Data Backups uses Zoho Assist whenever we need to take control of a client’s computer to save the day during data recoveries. Within a couple minutes our technicians can take over your computer to do the work for you.

Remote in for computer remote control tech work with Zoho Assist. Zoho Assist offers a less expensive and equally secure product than its competitors with the same quality of service. All of the features used with your current remote access service will be available to you with Zoho Assist but at a fraction of the cost. Securely take over client computers or technical support at any time as if you were seated in front of your clients’ computer.

Other features:

  • PC & Mac compatible
  • Transfer files one or two ways
  • Chat
  • One or two way screen share viewing
  • Ctl+alt+del in one click (Windows), shutdown and reboot
  • UAC compatible
  • No installation needed web console
  • Multi-Monitor share viewing
  • Copy and paste shared clipboard (Windows)
  • Bypasses firewalls
  • Bypasses antivirus software

Contact Remote Data Backups to learn more about using Zoho at 1 866 722 2587