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Backup Services Reviews

Remote Data Backups gives you peace of mind and can even save your business someday, but don't take our word for it. Franchisees, businesses and home users send rave reviews about our backup software and stellar 24/7 customer service.

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A Mr. Rooter franchisee who used our service to quickly and easily recover their corrupted QuickBooks program.


Our franchise currently utilizes Z-Ware with Quickbooks.


On January 20, 2005 in the middle of the day, our Quickbooks file became corrupt and I was unable

to use it. We have been using Remote Data Backup for over 1 year and this is the first time it was

needed. By using this system we were able to restore our Quickbooks file and continue processing

within ONE HOUR.


With the Remote Data Backup system it was very simple and easy to restore only this one file.

Without this system it would have taken hours to restore let alone the amount of down and catch

up time.


I highly recommend this service for peace of mind.


Dennis Alberts, Mr. Rooter - Grants Pass, Oregon

A business consultant recovered quickly from a computer crash with the help of Remote Data Backups.


Being responsible for confidential and crutial information for my clients makes this backup system

an easy choice. I recently had a computer crash and with Dan Dugal’s help was able to operate my

business in a matter of hours. It’s a relief knowing that everything is safe no matter what happens.


Daniela Hops, Padgett Business Services

A Data Doctors owner uses “Remote Data Backups” as his exclusive backup solution.


We use Remote Data Backups exclusively in our own store. It has replaced our tape drive with good reason:

1) It is a “hands-off” approach that simply works.

2) Since our data is stored off-site, we are assured that our data is intact in the case of a fire, drive failure

or tape failure

3) The fail-safe software will keep attempting a backup until it is successful. This is important when you

have an unreliable Internet connection. No need to check the logs and manually re-run the backup.


Brian Witowski, Data Doctors Computer Services

An IT Franchisor sees Remote Data Backups as a perfect product for his franchisees to promote.


Thank you for having your web guy setup my account the way you did. It’s exactly what I wanted.


I can see this leading to hundreds if not thousands of accounts in a very short time. It is something

that everyone could use.


John Francis, Computer Medics - Founder

Remote Data Backups “worked perfectly” to help a client recover from a hard drive crash.

My hard drive crashed and just got my new computer.


Paul Woodward of CMIT is coming in on Friday to get my back-up selections set back up

and will get back on the nightly schedule. Dan, Remote Data Backups worked perfectly

and I was able to restore everything which is critical in my business.


I was very thankful that I use Remote Data Backups.

Eddy Kicker, Coldwell Banker

The president of business consulting franchise CFO Today will promote Remote Data Backups to all his franchisees.


I will be following up with you to feature Remote Data Backups during one of the weeks.

My goal is have everyone signed up with you.


Ron Baker, CFOToday, Inc. - President

TeamLogic IT headquarters says Remote Data Backups is a vital partner for their franchise.


Remote Data Backups has been an important partner for TeamLogic IT as our franchisees

have many customers who did not have sound back up processes in place. RDB gives our

franchisees a very easy and attractive option to start protecting their customers’ data right

away. The product is easy to install, configure, and use. While it might not exactly be “set

and forget”, it is very close to that. We like the emailed alerts when back ups are not being

done, as this allows us to be proactive with our customers with their backups.


We use it internally for a number of our own machines and it works as advertised. For laptop

users, it is simply peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe somewhere just in case your

machine had a problem.


Vincent Plaza, TeamLogic IT - Director of Information Technology

ServiceMaster HQ commends our software, service and support.

I wanted to write a few words to express our satisfaction with your product and service. 


As you know we have quite a few RDB accounts here at ServiceMaster Clean and it is the

backup solution that we trust with ensuring that our senior level executives will never face

a catastrophic data loss.


The product is intelligent, fast and intuitive and does not require a high degree of technical

skill to use properly.


A recent example of when RDB really proved it’s worth was when one of our remote users was

traveling between offices and his hard-drive had a catastrophic failure. He needed access to his

data and presentations urgently and could not wait to send the machine in for repair.


At our office we were able to build him a new computer, connect to his RDB account and restore all

of the files.


We shipped the new computer to his destination and when he arrived it was there waiting for him

with all his files intact.


The service and support we have received has also been outstanding. Remote Data Backups are

always there when we need help.


We also appreciate the proactive approach that you take about ensuring that everyone’s data is

being backed up.


If any of our machines have not backed up for a while we receive notifications and usually a

phone call.


It’s that level of partnership that has really elevated our confidence that our data is being cared

for properly.


Thanks for all you do.


Paul O'Connor, ServiceMaster Clean - IS Operations Manager

The Maid Brigade MIS director is singing our praises again after recovering an Outlook .pst file from a “fried” computer.


I walked into the office yesterday morning to find that my computer was “fried”, it wouldn’t even

reboot. Our network administrator was able to restore the computer to a useful state, but horror

of all horrors…my precious emails were gone!!!


We couldn’t restore from the server, my pst files on my local box were damaged, it was not a

pleasant state to be in. However, THANKS to RDB, my pst files were safe and sound, I was able

to retrieve and restore Outlook to its previous state.


What a relief. Great product. Thank Goodness for RDB


Raychel Leong-Sullins, Maid Brigade - MIS Director

A fortunate Adventures in Advertising franchisee who was able to use our online backup service to recover her lost data. An invalubale file backup service for her.


We want to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly recommend Dan Dugal of Remote Data Backups

to all who maintain important computer records and databases. When we signed on with Dan’s service

it was insurance for us… which we were hoping not to have to use, as is the case with all insurance programs.

Last fall we did need Dan’s safety net, however, to retrieve our customer database that crashed for whatever

reason we’ll never know – and don’t even care to know! This is critical information we’ve collected over years,

the very heart of our business. The thought of starting over on something like this is almost unbearable.

Fortunately, with Remote Data Backups, we were able to retrieve all the data within five minutes, so you can

just imagine our relief.


While we don’t like spending time and money on dealing with insurance, good judgment tells us we must.

Insure your information with Remote Data Backups. Maybe you won’t need it, but if you do, it can be a

lifesaver to your business.


Donna Younts, AIA - President, Gecko Logos, Inc.