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Restore system state, protect Outlook & Exchange emails, and recover as fast as your internet speeds allow. Our server backup is policy-based and uses delta block technology to dramatically increase your daily upload speeds. This continuous automated incremental backup can recover system state and your SQL database. Choose to escrow passwords at the data center or keep them private. Underground and guarded dual Iron Mountain data centers protect your data in two geographically separate locations. Let our Managed Service take care of the hard work for you. We will hold your hand through restores as well as maintenance.  See below for more features from our enterprise server backup.

$30/mo protects 30 GB’s ($30 minimum)

0.64/GB for additional GB’s 

.50/GB over 1 TB

How it works:

Your login credentials start an actual account. You will receive your login by email. The trial is risk-free. You will be prompted at the end of 30 days to enter payment to continue your backups. Otherwise, the trial automatically ends. Feel free to call Remote Data Backups during the trial for a free test recovery & to get to know us better.

OS Requirments;

Win server 2008 – 2016, Linux server (major distros)

Get started now with our risk free 30 day trial.


Data Vaults

PCI DSS ISO 27001 compliant  Iron Mountain underground enterprise mirrored data vaulting. Vaults are guarded 24/7 by armed personnel & are geographically separated located in areas not prone to fires, earthquakes or flooding.

Continuous Automated Backups

Choose 15 minute automated backups or once a night scheduled backups for complete endpoint protection.

Personalized Support

24/7 free expert US tech service is just a phone call away.

Remote-In Tech Assistance

When needed, our techs can remote into your computer with you to diagnose and fix the problem for zero extra fees.

Remote-In Dashboard

Manage your backups from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Get sophisticated controls and optimization tools for Network Administrators.

90 Days, 1 or 7 years Of Restoreable Past Versions

No Backup Alerts

Immediate alerts of missed or incomplete backups.

Legal Hold

Mitigate legal & financial risk using legal hold features. Users can pay to store the data indefinatly until  a lawsuit is over.

System State Recovery

Similar to a bare-metal restore, recover to exactly the way things looked right before a crash (using the the same or different hardware) with technology that recognizes the active server directory. Users may backup, but not spin up. See our VM backup for spin up.

SQL Backup & Recovery

Backup SQL live and without additional plug-ins.  Active-Active clusters ready.

VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V Backup & Recovery

Updated to work with Hyper-V server 2008 R2, 2012 R2 Standalone & 2016 host. VMware VDDK 6.0 & supports VMware vSphere 6.  Supports VADP & CBT . 

Exchange Backup & Recovery

Backup Microsoft Exchange  live without additional plug-ins. All past Microsoft Exchange versions are supported.

Policy-Based Management

Select data sets based on your overall company’s data needs.

Incremental Backups

Open file backup uses delta block versioning especially helpful for Outlook files.


Industry Compliance

HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, SEC, NASD, Sarbanes-Oxley, financial, legal, state & municipal gov’t compliant.

Ransomware Protection

Polymorphic virus protection is provided by all products in the Remote Data Backups suite. It’s easy to get hacked just by opening a fake but familiar email. If you get hacked and are being pressured to pay by deadline or lose your data, your Remote Data Backups have you covered.


Lightning fast recoveries. Recover your data as fast as your own internet speed permits. You’ll find no bottleneck data jams to slow down your recovery.


256-bit AES bank level encryption. SOC II type 2 compliance.

Keep Passwords Private Or Escrow At Data Center

Choose from either option to increase your security with private passwords or use Remote Data Backups as your lifeline when you escrow password.


Backup onsite to a local device and offsite to our Iron Mountain mirrored vaults.  

TRA Device

Get very large data sets fast with our TRA device service. Fees apply.


Free Test Restores

Hoping your backup recovers when needed is not a game plan. Remote Data Backups encourages scheduled test recoveries. Administer on your own or call us for help.

Need help or have a question?

Call 1(866) 722-2587 or email support@rdbu.com