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Fast, Efficient PC Backups

Remote Data Backups’ online data backup for PC combines data compression, state-of-the-art hardware, redundant bandwidth and data transfer optimization technologies to provide quick, dependable backups and restores.

Incremental Backups with Delta Block Technology

Our Delta Block incremental technology scans your files, detecting and transferring only compressed block-level changes within your files, along with any new files.

For example, if you alter a single cell within a spreadsheet, our software will recognize that change. Instead of transferring the entire file, Remote Data Backups’ incremental technology sends the single changed cell to our data centers, dramatically speeding up data transfer times.

Duplicate File Recognition

Remote Data Backups’ Duplicate File Recognition technology identifies duplicate files saved in multiple locations (i.e. an email attachment stored in your .pst file and saved elsewhere on your C drive), transferring one single copy.

Our software also detects common program and Windows system files already stored at our data centers and associates them with your account, further optimizing your initial backup.

Message-Level Email Backup

Our software optimizes email, which is often the largest and most critical data for most companies. Remote Data Backups transfers Outlook .pst and Lotus Notes .nsf files on a message level.

These features combine to save significant network time and backup space, making nightly backups and restores extremely fast and efficient, regardless of your connection speed.

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