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Back Up Your PC Automatically

Manual backup methods such as tapes or DVDs are time-consuming and are rarely completed properly. With Remote Data Backups’ offsite PC backup, your data is securely sent to the cloud without thought or worry.

  • Automatic Backup ScheduleSet the days of the week and the time of day your automatic backups will run.
  • Back Up Whenever You WantAre you working on an important project or presentation? Back up at any time and as often as you wish by opening the Remote Data Backups software and clicking “Back Up Now”.
  • Aggressive Backup ModeIf a scheduled backup fails, our software retries until backups occur. Our software will automatically try to reconnect to our data centers if your computer experiences brief network interruptions.
  • Run a Backup, Then Exit WindowsDo you shut your computer down at night? Right click on the Remote Data Backups system tray icon and select “Back Up and Exit Windows” to ensure your data is backed up before shutdown.

You can back up and restore your files as often as you’d like at no extra cost. Backups transfer the information that has changed (new files and changed file segments), making backups extremely fast and efficient.

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