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10-File Versioning

Have you ever mistakenly changed a file and wanted the older version back? With Remote Data Backups’ 10-file versioning, you can turn back the clock and retrieve up to ten previous versions of your backed-up data, for up to thirty days (whichever comes first).

Restore Your Files Quickly and Easily

  • Restore previous versions of accounting files, proposals, presentations, corrupted files, etc.
  • No need to wait hours for on-site help or pay high prices for technical support
  • Restore your data as often as you need to at no extra charge

Save Time and Support Costs

Employee Sabotage or Mistakes

Employees can accidentally or purposely change, corrupt or delete your mission critical data and your backups. Backed-up data from your PC can’t be deleted from our servers, not even if an unauthorized user has your password.

Recover From Virus Corruption

Restore your information to the way it was before it became corrupted by restoring the proper file version.

Restore Without Help from IT Professionals

Remote Data Backups offers free 24/7 phone support if you need assistance restoring a previous version.

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