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Connected PC Software Features

Connected for PC is a robust online backup software, currently protecting over six million users worldwide. Connected is easy to install, with a proven 15 year track record of data backup and recovery.

Connected online backup software features:

  • Ensures your data is always available with scheduled and automated backups
  • Automated backups run while users work – no workflow interruption
  • Scalable protection for enterprise users
  • Reduces network traffic and storage costs with optimized backup and storage/li>
  • Increases user productivity and minimizes IT help desk workload

Connected online backup software helps protect your data by backing up securely with SSL technology and AES encryption, ensuring that backed-up files remain regulation compliant and safe from interception.

Connected online backup is secure, fast, efficient and automatic. Backups run in the background while you work, eliminating downtime and increasing user productivity. Users can quickly and easily restore data, saving money by making IT intervention unnecessary. Connected backs up by transmitting changed data, not entire files, thus saving on time, bandwidth and storage costs.


  • 24/7 Technical Support

    Our professional, friendly support staff is always available to help free of charge, even on nights, weekends and holidays.

  • Security

    Our top-rated 128-bit AES encryption and dual data vaults ensure that your data remains private and safe.

  • Automatic File Backup

    Never worry about manual backups again.

  • Fast Online Backups

    Recovery is as important as retention. Redundant bandwidth makes backups lighting-fast.

  • 10-File Versioning

    Go back in time to retrieve lost or corrupted files.

  • Email Alerts

    Proactive emails warn you before trouble occurs.

  • Remote File Access

    Access your files on the go from any computer with an internet connection.

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