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Mac Software Features

Your data is your most valuable asset. With Remote Data Backups for Mac, you’ll be able to keep your business’ most important files protected online and easily retrievable in case of disaster. Remote Data Backups for Mac offers an array of useful features, including:

  • US-based, 24/7 Technical Support

    Our support staff is always available to help free of charge, even on nights, weekends and holidays.

  • Security

    HP’s top-rated 128-bit AES encryption and dual data vaults ensure that your data remains private and safe.

  • Automatic File Backup

    No need to worry about manually backing up your data.

  • Fast Online Backups

    Recovery is as important as retention. Redundant bandwidth makes backups lightning-fast.

  • Remote File Access

    Get access to backed-up files from any computer with an internet connection.

  • 10-File Versioning

    Turn back the clock to retrieve lost or corrupted files.

  • Email Alerts

    We send proactive emails warning you before trouble happens.

Operating system requirements

  • Mac® OS X Version 10.4
  • Mac® OS X Version 10.5
  • Mac® OS X Version 10.6

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