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HP Connected for Mac

Your personal computer and your time have become two of the most important resources in both private life and business environments. Do not risk losing your data or wasting time trying to restore or back up. Our Standard PC & Mac backup is powered by HP’s Connected software.

HP is the world’s largest tech company and its Connected backup has been relied upon for years used by millions of clients. Get fully automated, HIPAA compliant worry-free protection for important pictures, business data and any other file. Choose a disaster proof solution and spend your time where you are most needed.

Ideal for enterprise mass deployment of up to 10,000 PCs or Macs on paired servers or for small business environments, HP’s Connected backup software is easy to install and simple to manage regardless of the number of networks or computers. Immediate alerts of incomplete backups are generated & sent, and administrators have the power to give employees limited or full access in recovering specific data sets without the hassle of calling upon IT techs or support.

Click on the link below and experience an enterprise backup solution powered by HP’s Connected software. Pair your LiveVault server with the Standard PC & Mac HP Connected product for additional discounts.

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100 GB MacBackup Plan

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