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StoreEasy TurboRestore Devices With LiveVault

Are you looking for an additional layer of backup security?  Onsite StoreEasy TurboRestore appliances (TRA) ensure fast, easy data restoration. With LiveVault and StoreEasy TurboRestore, your data is stored both locally and in the cloud. Both services integrate seamlessly, ensuring the ultimate in data protection.

Storeeasy with livevault

Data stored inside the StoreEasy TurboRestore appliance is stored in an encrypted state, so there’s no need to worry about any breach of private or sensitive data. StoreEasy TRAs can operate on different backup schedules than LiveVault, allowing users extra flexibility and control over their internet bandwidth while keeping data continuously protected. For example, servers can back up to the StoreEasy TRA throughout the day, backing up data to the cloud at night. Remote Data Backups offers the option of sending StoreEasy TRAs for data seeding and emergency data restoration.

Do you have your own backup hardware? Remote Data Backups also offers software licensing, allowing you to create your own TRA with your preexisting hardware.

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