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Restoring Files With LiveVault

LiveVault employs the latest in block-level restoration technology to speed up restoration time. In addition to restoring an entire file or database, LiveVault will allow you to restore only the data that has changed, dramatically speeding up restore times and rolling back the data to the exact state it was in prior to corruption.

Internet Restores

Internet restores are free with your LiveVault subscription. Restores are simple and can be accomplished anywhere though the web-based user interface.

Optional Restore Devices

In addition to our world-class offsite backup solution, LiveVault also offers the option of renting an onsite rapid restore appliance. Since your data is stored both locally and online, the LiveVault TurboRestore device allows for even faster data backup and restoration.

Just like the LiveVault service, data stored inside the TurboRestore appliance is encrypted. There’s no need to worry about a breach of private or sensitive information. Onsite TurboRestore devices can operate on different backup schedules than the LiveVault offsite backup service. These scheduling features allow users extra flexibility over their internet bandwidth while still keeping data continuously protected. For example, servers can back up to the appliance throughout the day, while data is sent offsite to our data centers only at night. We also offer the option of sending devices for data seeding and emergency data restoration. Call us to discuss options and pricing at 1-866-722-2587.

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