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System State Backups

What is System State?

System State is a collection of system-specific operating system data that contains a number of items, including:

  • System Registry
  • COM + Database
  • Certificate Services
  • Active Directory
  • SysVol
  • IIS Metabase

Why is HP LiveVault the best solution for System-State backup?

Backing up your System State data ensures that your system configuration information is protected. If your server crashes or becomes corrupted, LiveVault can recover your critical System State data and allow you to roll back your server to the exact way it was before the crash.

System State backups can become quite large, often running into the hundreds of megabytes. Backing up a large System State, even infrequently, can become cumbersome. LiveVault captures your System State each day.

Once the initial System State backup is finished, LiveVault captures incremental changes as they happen throughout the day, giving you the most complete and reliable backup.

With HP LiveVault, your server will have multiple restore points, allowing for many system rollback and recovery options

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