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Legal Protection Against Disaster

Disasters, manual errors, theft and viruses happen. HP recommends both an onsite and offsite data recovery plan to insure data integrity. By law, many business requires an impervious backup system that can handle whatever may come. Data retention laws now mandate that certain legal and medical industries adhere to HIPAA and legal life storage requirement periods as well as the implementation of an offsite backup solution. HP’s offsite cloud technology & Remote Data Backups takes data loss seriously. Our expert live tech services guides clients to recovery 24/7 the moment you need it, without wait times, additional costs or gimmicks. Real time missed or incomplete backups alerts are automatically generated. Our automated 7-year server retention coverage sets clients up for success by supporting data retention laws with hardware-free offsite protection at one fixed monthly rate regardless of backend data accumulations. HP LiveVault’s offsite backup compliments onsite devices with offsite coverage.

Never pay for backend sky-rocketing data accumulations again or introduce the possibility of manual error in an effort to free up space and keep costs down. The 7-year LiveVault server retention plan saves businesses thousands of dollars over 7-years, satisfying legal compliance laws and allowing for system state restoration years after the introduction of an identified virus.

Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and Other Natural Data Loss Risks

If your backup media is sitting next to your computer when disaster strikes, your backup will be destroyed along with your original data. Not to mention you’ll have wasted every dollar ever spent on your onsite backup solution. Fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and solar flares can easily destroy both onsite storage devices as well as hard copies of your data, making data re-
creation almost impossible.

HP cloud backup technologies function without hardware, and can also be added as a compliment to existing hardware. Your critical business information is protected by sending the encrypted data offsite to our mirrored data facilities. Our highly secure globally mirrored and geographically dispersed data centers in each region have a phenomenal 99.999% uptime. Data recovery speeds are dependent upon your personal bandwidth, thus allowing data recovery from natural disasters despite a storage hardware loss.

Theft, Error, Sabotage and Other Human Data Loss Risks

Computers are replaceable; data is not. Replacing a computer may cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but replacing data may result in legal penalties and cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the data even can be replaced. Laptops and servers are prone to theft and damage.

Never underestimate the power of a disgruntled employee or former contractor. Former associates and employees can easily damage your company’s future by deleting all your critical data and destroying your backups. For 15 years Remote Data Backups has managed HP cloud technologies to protect against hackers, viruses, purposeful and accidental data deletion or corruption by keeping multiple versions of your backups managed by automated hands-free hardware. Our 7-year retention server storage plan eliminates the introduction of manual involvements used in the past to delete data in an effort to save on costs. The HP LiveVault 7-year retention model is one fixed flat rate regardless of backend data accumulations. Neither you nor your employees will be able to delete data from our data centers without access to a highly secure critical security feature.

Remote Data Backups uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and AES encryption to ensure that your backups are safe from hackers. Your data is encrypted when it leaves your computers, stored in an encrypted state at our data centers and decrypted when it is retrieved at your computer. No onsite storage device means there’s nothing to steal, so your backed-up data remains safe and secure even if your hardware disappears.

Onsite storage devices benefit by HP LiveVault’s essential off-site protection, ability to restore operation system states to within 7 years of viral corruption, legal storage regulation compliance, increased versions over 7-years at one fixed rate regardless of backend accumulations, and IDOL compatibility.

Viruses, Hardware Failure and Other Technical Data Loss Risks

Computer viruses and worms often surface before protection programs can catch them, corrupting your files, hard drive, programs and operating system. HP LiveVault’s essential off-site protection restores your operational system state to within 7 years of an identified viral corruption event. Power surges and hard drive crashes result in the same thing – loss of data. If your hard drive crashes and you have no recent backups, you may be left with no other option than to send your damaged hard drive to a recovery professional, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Risks Associated With Manual Backup Solutions

Remote Data Backups’ offsite cloud automated backup solutions render manual, onsite methods of backup a thing of the past. HP’s offsite Connected PC backup & LiveVault server backup are scheduled or continuous backups. HP LiveVault’s offsite server backup’s 7-year retention plan eliminates the introduction of dangerous manual involvements used in the past in an effort to delete data to save on costs. HP LiveVault’s 7-year retention model offers one fixed flat rate regardless of backend data accumulations. Remote Data Backups generates automated data capacity alerts with support available day and night to assist HP Connected PC backup users through the data selection management process.

Major Disadvantages of Onsite Backup Solutions:

  • Expensive – Costly hardware and media, expensive setup and administration
  • No Free 24/7 Support – Expert help requires onsite technicians
  • Continuos – Not all onsite storage devices offer continuous backups
  • Insecure –Vulnerable to theft, fire, flood
  • Poor Redundancy-Lacking multiple mirrored storage locations

Onsite Backup Solutions Are Vulnerable To Most Data Loss Risks, Including:

  • Environmental Damage – Heat, sunlight, moisture, dust
  • Human Mishandling – Scratch, drop, lose or steal backup media and devices
  • Magnetic Damage – Monitors, speakers, TVs, etc
  • Disgruntled Employees – Hackers, intentional sabotage or theft

Why Other Data Protection Options Fall Short:

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