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Secure Data Transmission and Storage

Secure Encryption Keeps Your Information Safe

Data is encrypted prior to transport, sent and stored in encrypted format at our secure data centers. AES encryption is the standard for reliable storage units, servers, banks and many government agencies. 256–bit AES encryption is used with a LiveVault, StoreEasy device, and 128-bit AES is used for Connected PC backup.

Secure Socket Layer Technology Prevents Eavesdropping

Data is transported to and from your computer using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL prevents hackers from eavesdropping while your data is in transit.

Encryption Keys Keep Your Data Private

Remote Data Backups protects your data by using a password/encryption key that only you know. Unauthorized access without the password is impossible. Also, your data is encrypted before it ever leaves your computer and is never unencrypted until you do a retrieve. When you restore data from our data centers, it stays encrypted until after it is back on your computer.

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