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About Remote Data Backups

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Remote Data Backups has been providing over 15 years of world-class backup software for businesses, individuals and enterprise-level clients all over the world. With free 24/7 technical support and a proven track record of data retrieval, Remote Data Backups is the clear choice for business-class backup.

Continuous Server & PC Cloud Backup Software

Rest easy in the cloud with Remote Data Backups optimized offsite cloud data protection with free archiving for servers and PC Connected products. Remote Data Backups is a trusted 100% Managed Service Provider with a reputation earned by providing 15 years of offsite data protection to clients. Our free 24/7 technical support service ensures that we are here the moment you need us.

  • Lightning-fast data retrieval
  • Adjustable bandwidth
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Encrypted transmission
  • AES encryption
  • Continuous backups minus workflow interruption
  • Easy Installation
  • First contact billing and support
  • Control over who can see what data
  • Customizable encryption keys
  • Full system restore for disaster preparedness protocols

Data Vaults

  • United States & Americas
  • Asia Pacific & Japan regions
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Australia

Compliance & Storage Terms

Click on the image above to read our Morgan County case study

Click on the image above to read our Morgan County case study

A growing number of medical and legal industries now demand long-term data storage imposing stiff penalties for those who cannot comply. LiveVault is the first of its kind designed to tackle today’s legal storage laws by offering predictable costs with archiving included.

  • Business Associate Agreements Available
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Depending upon your industry laws, location and size, LiveVault server backup can be deployed in a number of ways to meet storage law compliance and integrate current existing hardware. Use LiveVault:

  • as a secure off-site server backup
  • as an onsite/offsite data protection service by combining StoreEasy hardware or current server (StoreEasy users receive discounted pricing)
  • use LiveVault’s TurboRestore software to speed recoveries over slow local networks.

LiveVault Satisfies eStorage Laws While Removing Exploding Data Costs

Our server backup software was created to help businesses comply with new storage laws, offering an affordable solution to deal with exploding data storage costs that balloon over time with version accumulations. LiveVault charges for only the most recent version, while past versions are stored for free and are free to retrieve. These features result in unbeatable saving year after year.

  • No need to delete versions of data to save money or introduce human error
  • Save on archiving fees
  • Hands-free automated service saves on IT maintenance hours
  • Leave a comprehensive audit trail
  • Restore system state prior to corruption or virus


LiveVault Server Backup starts at $30.00 per mo.

LiveVault is offsite continuous cloud server backup software. Pricing is based on your most recent version with up to 195 previous versions stored and retrievable for free. Also included: 256-AES encryption, Native SQL & exchange support, VM aware, 15 minute continuous or scheduled backups, and data encryption prior to leaving the server.

LiveVault Server Backup with Free 3 Month Archiving

LiveVault SMB is offsite continuous cloud server backup software with 3 months of free archiving included. Also included: 256-AES encryption, Native SQL & exchange support, VM aware, 15 minute continuous or scheduled backups, and data is encrypted prior to leaving server.

Connected PC Backup $30.00/mo. protects 250 GB

Connected PC backup software currently protects more than 6 million users world-wide. Connected is proven & has been used by clients for more than 15 years. Connected is a snap to install and perfect for individual computers or mass network deployment. Please call us today and inquire about discounts for large PC networks or bundling your servers and PC’s with server backup products. Ask about our LiveVault Server and PC & Mac Connected package discounts.

Hybrid Solutions for Onsite/Offsite Backup

For onsite/offsite hybrid protection, combine LiveVault’s software with StoreEasy hardware. Contact Remote Data Backups at 1-866-722-2587 to speak to our StoreEasy Enterprise Solutions Architects and receive discounted storage rates.

3PAR Tier 1 Server

3PAR Storage is the only storage platform that can meet the demands of the modern data center. With a range of models, 3PAR Storage delivers the efficiency and agility required by virtual, cloud, and IT as a service (ITaaS) environments. Contact Remote Data Backups at 1-866-722-2587 to speak to our Enterprise Solutions Architects.

Our Mission

Your data is your most valuable asset, and a data loss can ruin your business. After suffering a major data loss in the early 1990s, Remote Data Backups CEO Dan Dugal founded Remote Data Backups to implement the best possible hands-free backup technology available.

  • We believe in top-notch customer service, making sure our clients are taken care of no matter what the scenario.
  • We want you to spend your time where it is needed most. Remote Data Backups service is the fastest, easiest and most secure method of meeting RTO’s & protecting important files from data loss.
  • Our reliability is uncompromised. As an established provider delivering world-class security with 24/7 support and fully automated backups, we provide immediate alerts and worry-free data protection service.

Call Remote Data Backups at 1-866-722-2587 to see how we can help with your data backup and archival needs.