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Safe Harbor Act Compliance and Data Backup

The Safe Harbor Act places new requirements on businesses that wish to collect, process or transfer personal data from an EU Member State.

Safe Harbor Act and Data Protection Regulations

In October 1998, the European Union passed the European Union Data Protection Directive, also known as the Safe Harbor Act. This directive places requirements on businesses that wish to collect, process or transfer personal data from an EU Member State.

Under the directive, the transfer of personal information from an EU member state to a non-EU country is forbidden unless the receiving country provides an “adequate” level of privacy protection. The EU Directive has very strict privacy rules pertaining to personal information of its citizens

In order to avoid potential disruptions in trade between the U.S. and the EU, the U.S. Department of Commerce in consultation with the European Commission and industry developed the Safe Harbor framework. This framework allows U.S. companies a means of assuring European consumers that they will provide an adequate level of privacy protection, thereby satisfying the “adequacy” requirement of the European Directive of Data Protection

EU member states include:

• Austria • Finland • Latvia • Romania
• Belgium • France • Lithuania • Slovakia
• Bulgaria • Germany • Luxembourg • Slovenia
• Cyprus • Greece • Malta • Spain
• Czech Republic • Hungary • Netherlands • Sweden
•Denmark • Ireland • Poland • United Kingdom
• Estonia • Italy • Portugal

How Remote Data Backups Helps You Comply With the Safe Harbor Act’s Data Security and Privacy Regulations

Remote Data Backups’ business-class data protection solution provides robust security and privacy measures to ensure the safety of your backed up data:

  1. Data is encrypted before it leaves the host computer and stored at our data centers using a private key that only you have access to. While in transit, Remote Data Backups uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
  2. Data is stored safely offsite at our two underground, mirrored data centers with world-class physical security and high-end storage equipment.
  3. We can provide a written contingency plan that details how to retrieve your data in case of a disaster recovery scenario.
  4. Our online backup service effectively eliminates the use of insecure onsite data storage methods (external drives, USB, DVD, CD), which can violate compliance regulations and easily be lost or stolen.
  5. Remote Data Backups has been providing online data protection to thousands of satisfied clients for over a decade, with free expert 24/7 phone support.

Comply with the Safe Harbor Act using Remote Data Backups

Our secure, reliable, business-class offsite backup solution helps protect against data loss, data breach and regulatory audits that can lead to client disclosure, fines, civil suits and loss of practice.

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