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Remote Data Backups Is SysTrust Certified

SysTrust is an assurance service developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). Remote Data Backups’ products have been examined and SysTrust Certified by the independent account firm Ernst & Young. SysTrust certification tests system reliability according to four essential principles:


The system is available for operation and use at times set forth in service-level agreements. Our data centers have a phenomenal 99.999% availability record.


The system is protected against unauthorized physical and logical access. Our data centers have restricted physical access, fingerprint scanners, camera tracking and motion sensors to prevent unauthorized entry. Our software features bank-level AES encryption technology and a private encryption key that only you have access to.

Processing Integrity

System processing is complete, accurate and timely. Authorized data is encrypted before it leaves the host, then transferred and stored in an encrypted format.


Systems can be updated when required in a manner that continues to provide for system availability, security and integrity.
Software and data center updates don’t interfere with client backups and restores.

The SysTrust certification process encompasses our general IT infrastructure, including:

  • Production data center and network operations
  • Server configuration and database administration
  • Storage management systems
  • Disaster recovery processes
  • System monitoring tools and processes
  • System security (both logical and physical)
  • Change management and common support processes

SysTrust vs. SAS 70 Compliance

Contrary to popular misconception, SAS 70 pertains to internal controls and practices within the company to deliver accurate and truthful financial information to its clients. SAS 70 does not specifically address the backup company that handles a company’s data. SysTrust certification is a more stringent standard than SAS 70, and is a more applicable compliance standard for online backup companies.

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