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Remote Data Backups and Government Compliance

Most government legislation requires that sensitive customer data such as social security numbers, addresses, health records or financial documents be stored securely offsite in an encrypted state. Remote Data Backups will help you comply with government regulations, as our software, transmission methods and data centers meet the strict requirements set by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and are SysTrust Certified.

Data Encryption

Each file is encrypted before it leaves your computer, then transferred and stored at our two mirrored data centers in encrypted format. HP Connected for PC and Mac uses 128-bit AES encryption, the standard in protection for government and financial data. HP LiveVault ramps up security with an even stronger 256-bit AES encryption.

Private Key

Other backup companies create a random encryption key and have access to decrypt and access your data. Remote Data Backups allows you to create your own password that only you have access to, ensuring complete confidentiality. Be aware of companies who have your key, as they may use your client data for mining, marketing and other purposes that violate their privacy and any regulations that affect your industry.

Offsite Storage

Many regulations require data to be backed up and stored offsite. Onsite backups will not pass an audit, unless you can prove you physically take them offsite and store them safely every single night. Remote Data Backups automatically stores your data safely and securely, so you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of rotating hardware or remembering to take storage media home at night

Mirrored Data Centers

Several compliance laws require your backups to be stored in mirrored locations. This protects your data in the event that a natural disaster destroys one location. Your data is always mirrored to our two data centers, located over 1,000 miles apart.

Restricted Physical Access

  • Best-in-class technology, including EMC storage machines, high-end HP servers and Cisco firewalls
  • Redundant power supply with backup generators, redundant bandwidth with multiple providers
  • Fingerprint scanners for physical access, motion detectors and camera tracking
  • Environment and climate-controlled facilities, resistant to seismic activity and other natural disasters
  • OSHA-certified fire suppression

Secure Logical Access

If former employees or contractors have access to your password, you can change your password at any time to prevent unauthorized access.

Secure Transmission

Your data is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security to neutralize possible hacker activity such as packet sniffing. Our data centers also track and log any failed login attempts for your safety.

Continuous Data Protection With LiveVault

LiveVault offers continuous data protection for your server, ensuring your critical data is never lost. Our rock-solid LiveVault service backs up every fifteen minutes, offering multiple daily restore points. We offer a standard 90-day retention period, with optional archiving available. Click here to learn more about LiveVault.

Written Contingency Plan

With Remote Data Backups, you can simply print and safely store your account information (account number, password, reinstall instructions). Our User’s Guide ┬áprovides complete instructions for restoring lost data.

Secure Media Control

Physical media such as external hard drives, USB sticks, DVDs or CDs are easily lost, damaged or stolen. Backing up to these physical media may violate compliance regulations and poses a serious security risk. With Remote Data Backups, there is no hardware or extra devices to maintain or lose.

Reputable Provider

Remote Data Backups has been providing online data protection to thousands of satisfied clients for over a decade. Our stable business model, free 24/7 support and legion of loyal clients ensure we will be there when you need us most.

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