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Rules 26 & 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and the Importance of Data Backup

These two elements of the FRCP:

  • Govern the discovery and disclosure of information relevant to civil actions
  • Apply to organizations facing litigation and those aware that a discovery request may be made
  • Establish that organizations with poor records management programs can face court sanctions and loss of rights in litigation

FRCP compliance: Protect your data in case of civil suit

Civil action can be damaging to any organization, but if you cannot find or recover the data you need to protect you, the results can be devastating. That’s why Remote Data Backups’ reliable, business-class offsite backup solution can be critical in protecting you against data loss, data breach and regulatory audits.

Using Remote Data Backups helps you comply with FRCP’s Data Security and Privacy Laws

Leaving your data unprotected or in the hands of an inferior backup system can leave you vulnerable to civil action and regulatory violations. Remote Data Backups’ time-tested security and privacy measures help ensure the safety and privacy of your sensitive data through:

  • Bank-Level Data EncryptionYour files are 256-bit AES encrypted prior to, during and after transfer using SSL and a private encryption key only you have access to. Both Remote Data Backups and Remote Data Backups Live are compliant with NIST standards for information security.
  • Secure Offsite Data ProtectionProtect against fire, flood, theft and sabotage, and eliminate vulnerable, non-compliant onsite backups such as DVD, tape and USB drives.
  • Enterprise-Class Data CentersRemote Data Backups’ mirrored, geographically separate underground data centers ensure 99.99% availability and 100% recoverability
  • Remote Data Backups Live – Continuous Server Data Protection

With our Live solution, your data is backed up every 15 minutes, ensuring that data is always protected.

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