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FCRA Regulations and Data Backup

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the basis of consumer credit rights in the United States. Passed in 1970, the FCRA regulates the collection, usage and distribution of consumer information, including credit information.

The FCRA regulates how consumer reporting agencies (entities that collect and distribute credit info) are able to use that information. In addition, any business who handles medical records or payments, tenant or residential history, check writing history, insurance claim history or employment history falls within the FCRA’s scope.

FCRA Penalties for data breach or data loss

Any business affected by FCRA regulations has a responsibility to maintain data integrity and make sure that data is accurate and properly distributed. Violators of the act due to willful destruction or negligence can face up to $1000 per affected consumer.

How Remote Data Backups helps you comply with FACTA’s Data Security and Privacy Laws

Remote Data Backups provides enterprise-level security and privacy when backing up your sensitive data:

  1. Bank-level data encryption via user-chosen private key
  2. Automatic offsite data storage to two mirrored underground data centers featuring world-class private facilities, equipment and physical security
  3. Remote Data Backups Live backs up every 15 minutes, providing continuous data protection and eliminating the chance of data loss
  4. We can provide a written contingency plan for data recovery
  5. Our online backup solution effectively eliminates the need to use transferable media such as USB, DVD, tape drives, etc. that are often the culprit for data breach
  6. Remote Data Backups satisfies National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements for data security

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