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Legal Firm Backups

Law firms and legal organizations generate large volumes of data in their day to day performance of case and client research. Additionally, they have to meet certain stringent regulations to protect the security of client data. An integral component of this process is an effective disaster recovery plan to maintain business continuity in the event of data loss. Many legal organizations hesitate to use online backups due to the logistics involved in uploading and storing vast amounts of data. Let Remote Data Backups show you how easy moving to online backups can be.

Remote Data Backups features for Legal Firms

HP LiveVault for servers offers a secure, fast, online backup and storage solution for legal organizations. Some of the features that make Remote Data Backups the perfect solution for your backup, retention and disaster recovery needs include:


Remote Data Backups’ transmission, encryption and storage methods are among the most secure in the business. AES encryption technology, SSL transmission and a personalized encryption key combine to ensure your data is securely transmitted and available when you need it most.

Open Database Support

Active databases typically contain your most important business information. HP LiveVault features built-in support for backing up open files and databases, such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, or Oracle without the need for costly or unreliable third-party software.

Continuous Backup

Our service backs up server data every 15 minutes, providing multiple daily restore points. For example, if a virus corrupts your database server, you can use the Web Management Portal to roll back your database to minutes before the corruption occurred.

Retention Periods

LiveVault SMB stores your data for 90 days. Need to store your data for longer? We also offer 1 year and 7 year retention periods.


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