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How is Remote Data Backups HIPPA and HITECH compliant?

Rest easy in the cloud. Remote Data Backups with LiveVault is the industry’s highest standard for cloud provider backup. Grow your data, not your pricing. Based on initially selected space, not total storage, our 7-year legal life retention policy includes 195 versions, reducing storage costs & increasing budgeting predictably. Our 14 year track record of no-fail, 24/7 phone & remote support ensures we will be here for you the moment you need us.

HIPAA Security Rule 164.310(d)(2)(iv) states that anyone who falls under HIPAA requirements must create an exact, retrievable copy of electronic personal health information (ePHI). As a vendor who provides backup and archiving services, Remote Data Backups is fully HIPAA compliant.

Remote Data Backups never handles personal health information (PHI) while it is in use. Our employees never read, view, modify, or update PHI data. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, stored in an encrypted state and decrypted when you retrieve the data. Electronic immediate alerts are sent when a backup is incomplete. Only you control and specify what types of data that can be accessed by additional personnel by assigning an encryption key.

In addition, Remote Data Backups:

  • Uses encryption technology that renders protected health information unusable and unreadable to any unauthorized individual. Your data remains protected and encrypted at all times.
  • Fully complies with remote use guidelines.
  • Provides secure archiving and military-grade mirrored offsite backup.
  • Fully complies with NIST Special Publication 800-111, covering “data at rest.” When “resting,” your data is always stored in encrypted format.
  • Fully complies with NIST Special Publication 800-52, covering “data in motion.” This data is encrypted with 128 bit AES encryption (Connected backup software) or 256 bit AES encryption (LiveVault continuous data protection) prior to transport. The data is further protected during transport via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0.
  • Fully complies with NIST Special Publication 800-88, covering “data disposed”. No media housing PHI data is ever compromised. Our data centers have physical safeguards that protect from intrusion due to their underground location, further enhanced by security guards and barriers.

The HIPPA Security Series is an easy-to-read seven-part series of papers developed by the Department of Healthcare & Human Services. These papers are designed to increase understanding of the original 8 pages that mandate the HIPPA Securities Rule. This is the accepted reference for compliance to satisfy CMS requirements. Understanding this material will protect businesses as they transition to an increasingly secure ePHI (electronic personal health information) environment. Click the links below to view the series.

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HIPAA and HITECH Frequently Asked Questions