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How do I choose a compliant EHR Backup?

Rest easy in the cloud. Remote Data Backups with LiveVault is the industry’s highest standard for cloud provider backup. Grow your data, not your pricing. Based on initially selected space, not total storage, our 7-year legal life retention policy includes 195 versions, reducing storage costs & increasing budgeting predictably. Our 14 year track record of no-fail, 24/7 phone & remote support ensures we will be here for you the moment you need us.

Financial penalties imposed by the federal government for those business and healthcare practices who are unable meet requirements mandated by CMS standards have a lot of professionals worried about their bottom lines. If you aren’t questioning how to meet EHR/EHR stage two meaningful use compliance, data backup storage HIPPA regulations, and how to interpret those puzzling 8 pages of the HIPPAA Security Rule, you should be.

EHR Compliance Penalties, the world’s largest EMR directory, notes, “For physicians who either have not adopted certified EHR / EMR systems or cannot demonstrate “meaningful use” by the EMR deadline in 2015, Medicare reimbursements will be reduced by 1%. The deduction rate increases in subsequent years by 2% in 2016, 3% in 2017, 4% in 2018, and up to 95% depending on future adjustments. (

Choosing An EHR Backup Vendor

Currently Remote Data Backups provides backup service to many businesses that use popular EHR programs. Some EHR’s offer a pre-chosen data backup package solution. Be sure to ask what data backup vendor will be used to store your data. Data backup vendors vary widely in areas of customer support, ease of use and storage capacities. Remote Data Backups meets the following requirements:

  • Round-the-clock disaster recovery assistance
  • Sufficient data storage
  • Immediate alerts of incomplete backups
  • Encryption passwords
  • Remote technology security
  • Multiple data storage facilities
  • High encryption and SSL transmission standards
  • High speed retrieval (slow retrieval can take days in some cases)
  • 15 minute continuous snapshots
  • Delta Block technology to minimize workday interruptions while saving data
  • Virtual machine compatibility

Look before you leap! Businesses are in a race to meet meaningful use regulations by choosing and implementing EHR software. Allocate serious research time to ensure your EHR provider has a proven track record before choosing. An article written by Yul Ejnes published by the American College of Physicians discusses the ups and downs of a chosen EHR vendor implemented within his practice. Below are two insightful works to aid in making a sound EHR choice.

User ratings and feedback of EHR software can also help your business avoid a potential disaster. Awareness of factors including the learning curve for EHR user interfaces (as it relates to employee training), scheduled upgrade timeframes, and proven product track records will save your business valuable time and money. Educate yourself with EHR comparison sites.

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