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What Medical Files Can Remote Data Backups Help Protect?

Rest easy in the cloud. Remote Data Backups with LiveVault is the industry’s highest standard for cloud provider backup. Grow your data, not your pricing. Based on initially selected space, not total storage, our 7-year legal life retention policy includes 195 versions, reducing storage costs & increasing budgeting predictably. Our 14 year track record of no-fail, 24/7 phone & remote support ensures we will be here for you the moment you need us.

Your patients’ data is the most important part of your medical practice. Remote Data Backups will help you back up important files such as:

  • X-ray Images
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Spreasheetst
  • PDF Records
  • Medical Databases
  • Financial Information
  • Sharepoint Databases
  • Billing Software
  • SQL
  • Exchange
  • Email
  • Any important files


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