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One-Step Cloud Backup & Long-Term Archiving for Scalable Government Compliance.

Click on the image above to read our Morgan County case study

Read about us in HP’s Case Study

HP’s newest government case study showcases HP’s LiveVault provider Remote Data Backup’s one-step to compliance: cloud backup & 7 year free archiving.

>Read how HP’s chosen managed service partner, Remote Data Backups, beats competing bids in both price and quality. In this case study, LiveVault protects 11 servers in one county with lightning fast onsite/offsite backup using mirrored vaults & 7 years of free archiving in one simple step.

*No other software product in the world competes with HP’s LiveVault cloud backup & free 7 years of retrievable archiving versions . Current promotion: $1 per GB for HP StoreEasy clients. Call today for quote 1.866.722.2587

Read the HP LiveVault Morgan County Case Study