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Protect Your Important Financial Files

What would happen if your computer crashed and you lost years worth of important financial information? Most businesses store a majority of their financial data on a PC or server, leaving important information vulnerable to hard drive crashes, theft, intentional sabotage or natural disasters. Whatever your backup needs are, Remote Data Backups will help keep your financial information (and any other data) safe and retrievable in case of disaster.

Government Regulation and the Financial Industry

CPAs, investment advisors, banks and credit unions and many other institutions handle important financial data every day. Remote Data Backups will ensure that your critical information is protected offsite from fire, flood, theft or sabotage with our business-class backup solution. We offer workstation backup software, Mac backup software and LiveVault for servers. Whatever your data backup needs are, Remote Data Backups can help.

Data loss is devastating for any business, but a loss or breach of customers’ financial information can mean even bigger problems for anyone who falls within the realm of government regulation. Two of the largest regulations affecting the financial industry include the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Gramm-Leech-Bliley Act (GLBA). Violating these government regulations can result in harsh fines. Click here to find out how Remote Data Backups can help your data backups become compliant with today’s government regulations while keeping your data protected from breach or loss.

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