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We take pride in delivering world-class tech support โ€” with fast, responsive and effective data protection
solutions from our experienced, knowlegeable and friendly U.S.-based experts.

Whether it’s an emergency data recovery, install, troubleshooting, advice or just a simple question, we’re always here to help when you need it most.

We even provide proactive email alerts and calls when we see your account needs attention. Our service really sets us apart.

If you have an urgent issue, please feel free to call our fast, FREE 24/7 Phone Support line at 1.866.722.2587.

We value your time and strive to keep you from waiting on hold forever, or hassling with an annoying phone tree.

For faster service when calling on an account, please:

  • Have your account number ready (you can find it in the subject line of emails we send, or in our agent software under Help > About RDB Agent)
  • Be at your computer. Our support engineers can help you best if you’re ready to step through the sequence that led to your question.
  • If a problem occurs, try to narrow down the steps that led to the problem. If an error message appears, be sure to screenshot or write down the exact wording.

You may be able to find quick & easy solutions via our extensive Online Support section

(FAQs, step-by-step screenshot instructions, searchable knowledge base, User’s Guide & more).

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