About Us

Greetings from sunny Fort Collins, Colorado.

We have a super hero complex.  We are intrinsically motivated to save the day. Still  after 20 years nothing makes us happier than recovering your data when disaster strikes. This is why our strategy to provide reliable offsite backups using a Managed Service Provider approach has been and continues to be the right choice for us and our clients.

Why pay more and get less?  Get Managed Service and backup for the same cost or less as other backups who don’t even offer 24/7 support, automated alerts, enterprise vaults, or 24/7 techs help you manage everything you need the moment you need it.  Over the years we have learned that not all offsite backup software works as advertised.   Remote Data Backups has always provided tried & trusted reliable enterprise software with mirrored enterprise data vaults and the ability to remote-in and help you when you are at a loss.

We’ll do the work. As a Managed Service Provider we do the hard work. We take the headache and worry out of managing your unique business or individual backup scenario. We know our clients by name. From the beginning we have offered clients reliable, automated offsite backups with remote-in services. In an emergency we will remote-in, take control of your machine, and guide you to recovery. 

A data loss is never convenient.  24/7 Support contact us anytime. We strive to create lasting relationships with clients by giving our clients  personalized support  24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to managing your backups, our techs work collaboratively with clients developing ongoing data protection plans so our clients can rest easy.

Mission Statement We are data recovery super-heroes. We love to save the day. Our Managed Service does the hard work for you. Round- the-clock custom data backup management with included support and recovery is what we do. We help our clients every step of the way. Affordable, off-site, enterprise backup for individuals and SMB is our specialization. 

Innovations in the tech world excite us. We live and breathe technology. To best protect our clients, we are constantly on the lookout for new threats & data terrorism outlets that compromise the security of your data. As technology changes and new threats crop up, we keep up with the learning curve so you don’t have to. We encourage clients both new and old to periodically use our free guided test restore service and put our protection to the test.  Because there are countless unique strategies to deploy technology, Remote Data Backups believe in giving our techs creative license to solve your problems. We love happy techs and offer a work environment where are techs are comfortable to be creative. Remote Data Backups recognizes and rewards employees for problem solving creativity and effort. We value staff input because our staff knows our clients’ best. 

Culture  Because there are countless unique strategies to deploy technology, Remote Data Backups believe in giving our techs creative license to solve your problems. We love happy techs and offer a work environment where are techs are comfortable to be creative. Remote Data Backups recognizes and rewards employees for problem solving creativity and effort. We value staff input because our staff knows our clients’ best. 

The question is not if a data loss will happen, but WHEN a data loss will happen.

                                                                                                                                           -Dan Dugal


We love to save the day and we know a data loss can ruin a business.  Remote Data Backups is located in sunny Fort Collins, Colorado. RDBU (Remote Data Backups) provides enterprise-level automated and continuous backup & recovery for businesses & individuals.  Our suite extends to hybrid systems, servers, PCs, phones, tablets and virtual machines. Recovery speeds are lightning fast limited only by users own internet speeds.  We understand there are many ways to deploy technology and our versatile techs are creative in their abilities to respond to our client’s unique deployments. Remote Data Backups product suite outpaces the competition in both software performance and customer support. We encourage the use of our 30 day trial with support included and will take the time to assist you in a trial data test recovery to prove the reliability of our products. 

Just Install It  Get going today! Backup is just a click away.  Fill out the trial form in “Products” and receive your link to install the software. 

All Remote Data Backup suite products include the following:

  • affordable enterprise-level products for businesses & individuals
  • free 24/7 tech support
  • remote-in tech support
  • continuous backups
  • 30 day trial
  • automated billing
  • automated alerts
  • policy-based management
  • incremental backups
  • Outlook & exchange backups
  • multiple PC management from one login
  • private passwords
  • free guided test restores
  • personalized backup & employee control settings
  • encryption virus & ransomeware protection
  • remote-in dashboards
  • secure mirrored data vaulting (extra fees apply for “Basic Backup” products dual vaulting)
  • legal hold capability
  • bank level encryption
  • 30 day, 90 day or your choice of retention periods (see above features)
  • lightning fast recovery speeds.

Checkout our products features for more information on SQL backups, bare-metal restores, archiving, system state recoveries, multi-server backups, hybrid, NAS devices, 3 device PC-tablet-phone backups, VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V backup.

 In 1996 CEO, Dan Dugal spearheaded the largest chain of computer repair stores at that time in Northern Colorado. Dan understands first-hand that for most businesses data is their most valuable asset.  It was 20 years ago that Dan had a close brush with a data loss  but was able to recover in the nick of time.  It was this heart-thumping experience that changed Dan’s business focus forever. Dan quickly realized the profound importance of having a reliable and automated offsite data backup program in place.   Dan had the vision decades ago to understand the need for offsite mirrored secure data vaults, remote-in access to guide clients to a safe recovery,  and automated alerts before these were recognized practices.  Dan chose for his clients the protection that offsite storage offers.   We continue at Remote Data Backups to use innovative approaches to data protection and are constantly looking for new trends that compromise data to better protect our clients. We educate and advise our clients daily to improve their data protection scenario.  We know that even the most advertised backup software often fails to recover as advertised when disaster strikes. Remote Data Backups uses only tried and tested software because “recovery” is the point of backup.

Contact Us Email:  support@rdbu.com Phone: 1 (877) 722-2587 Address: Remote Data Backups PO Box 543 Fort Collins, CO 80522

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Client & Partner Endorsements

Three days before we sold our company, our server computer crashed and the data was unrecoverable. We replaced the computer and were able to recover the data though Remote Data Backups. It saved my previous company. If it wasn’t for recovering the accounting files, art files, and customer files, we would not have had a company to sell. The price is minimal compared to what is at stake.

Sandy (Paulsen) Scholwinski Owner at Signarama Orangeburg

We have been using Remote Data Backups for the last 10 years. As an IT consulting company we have several clients who are using RDB (Remote Data Backups) and it’s been a great asset for our company. Dan is personally involved with every client and has replied to us promptly if there is any issue we are facing. RDB is the way to go with excellent service. And it’s a company whose CEO is always available. You can’t beat that.

Abdul Subhani CRISC, CFE, CEH, CAS, PIPresident & CEO - Centex Technologies

My client’s server was compromised and files encrypted by very intelligent hackers, probably from Eastern Europe area. I recommended Remote Data Backups to my clients a few years ago. His Remote Data Backups service saved the day and probably thousands of dollars in consulting time and lost productivity. All files were restored in perfect condition that evening and the client was up and running the next morning. I can’t stress how important it is for businesses to use this service.

Diana Raines Owner at Raines & Associates/ The Raines Group